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The Easy way to shift your Mindset

Have you been feeling energetically wobbly?

I get asked a lot of questions about how to stay positive and not let the outer world consume your thoughts, whilst also staying aware of current events.

We create plans and tick off the to do list, we feel unstoppable and then BAM! the life gets zapped out of all your best intentions and plans.

The hamster wheel of disaster, distraction, grief and worry can sure take its toll after a while if we allow our thoughts to deplete us.

Despite this, there is an easy way to shift your mindset so we can begin to nurture ourselves, create harmonious relationships when we're faced with chaotic situations that leave us feeling exhausted and worried.

Staying on top of your mindset isn't easy, however it's essential to your wellbeing to find ways to harness our sacred energy.

It doesn't mean you get to bypass your feelings, however allowing them to flow through you is the key to keeping your mindset balanced.

How can we break the anxiety cycle and sooth the nervous system?

Lady getting ready to take a bath

Over the coming weeks astrologically we are entering into eclipse season, this means that our bodies will be feeling intense pressure to release outdated beliefs.

Being able to balance your head with you heart energetically will help you immensely.

Often you will feel swift and direct changes that seem out of control. You may be able to move forward at a rapid pace and accomplish many things at once with ease. And then feel completely overwhelmed with the enormity of everything.

Your physical body and emotional mindset could feel like a rollercoaster.

You may find yourself feeling:

  • tired

  • emotional

  • headaches

  • migraines

  • skin breakouts

  • cold sores

  • aches and pains

  • sick / nauseous

  • worried about time

Navigating your mindset and energy doesn't have to be difficult and with a few easy and effective ways to help you stay positive can help harness strong, calm and loving relationships.

Especially the one with yourself!

One of the best ways I help my mindset is to practice mini retreats which help me relax and rejuvenate my thoughts. I've been creating these beautiful mini retreats for a while now, as I like to keep myself grounded. And it really does help.

The other day the only thing I could manage was to put on my charcoal face mask, and I've gotta tell you within about 20 minutes I'm feeling fabulous, energised, centered and grounded.

It's the simple things that can make a big difference.

Which is why......

I'm excited to announce our newest Sacred Beauty Mini Retreat Gift Box. This mini retreat box has been curated with you in mind to help you navigate life's turbulent energy.

Set some time aside to create your own mini retreat experience.

You really can feel the mindset shift.

Your Sacred Beauty journey starts with YOU nurturing your largest organ, which is your skin and re-energising your emotional well being (auric field) .

Did you know that studies have continuously found that by finding ways to use relaxation in your daily life helps improve your mindset and overall well being.

Allow me to help you feel more grounded, rejuvenated and ready for the outer world by experiencing your own T2L mini retreats!

PS... If you would like access to my internationally celebrated Kiss Secrets Reading join the

VIP waitlist for October. This is the ONLY way to access your transformational personalised 30 minute reading with me, and I can't wait to dive deep into your sacred kiss reading!

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