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Discover the Power: What the New Moon/Eclipse Means for You!

The sun and moon join together in the most beautiful alchemy of stillness, strength, courage and faith.

You might find the best place to be is with yourself!

There is an interplay of your shadow which forces things to shift for your own personal revelations. This can translate in unexpected and powerful endings and beginnings.

Have you been holding yourself back to please others?

Your relationships both personal and professional could become your classroom for greater growth. Which helps you put back into alignment that which is out of balance.

This is your chance to create new stories for your life!

How can you find peace and stillness despiste the outer world?

I invite you to slow down and smell the roses, and find some sunshine in amongst the darkness.

12 key themes for you to navigate through

  • Focus on gratitude from the heart, even when people have a different opinion to yours

  • Find your personal courage and stay on target with your dreams, desires and wishes despite other people's persuasion

  • If there are obstacles ahead focus on the horizon don't get weighted down with the small things

  • Slow and steady wins the race remember

  • Out of the blue miracles occur when you stay in-line with yourself

  • Don't let others opinions bring you down

  • Build strong foundations for your desired outcomes, even if no one sees them just yet

  • It's your life and your rules that matter

  • Watch your own self-guided talk... do you speak highly of yourself?

  • Dream a little bigger and let those outdated fears move to the background

  • Listen to your dreams

  • Pay attention to spiritual signs that resonate with you about your life and circumstances

What 5 new self care practices you can create this new moon/eclipse season?

  1. Give yourself a daily challenge to create something new in your life: Like starting a new facial care routine

  2. Spending time in nature - unplugged and tuned in to the sounds around you

  3. Introduce new healthy option foods to your daily life,

  4. Find simple ways to become more visible in your professional and personal goals

  5. Speaking more eloquently, make your spirituality part of your life.

What are the key themes to take away and shine your own light despite the outer world

The two words you need to be aware of are Trust and Faith

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Where do you not trust yourself?

  2. Where is fear playing a key role instead of taking a back seat?

These astrological alignments are asking you to allow the metamorphosis to begin.

In order for us to embody our new self we have to let go of everything about the 'me, me, me' and not take things so personally.

Mind your thoughts and ask how they can align with your new intentions.

Please consider your thoughts before injecting on to others. For example the energy of 'I know better' so I'm going to point this out and that out to you. Even though the person receiving the messages hasn't asked for them.

You do you and just keep moving, don't fall into the old ways of rescue or saviour energy.

Likewise its important trust in yourself rather than what others may say to you. Step back and look at your thoughts and ask yourself 'what am I unnecessarily dramatising about that which no longer serves me'. What are you resisting the most?

Self-care tips for your personal transformation:

Stay grounded by using our Body Butter and massaging a figure 8 on the base of your feet. This helps to ground and release built up tension. You can also apply pressure to the ball of your feet to reduce anxiety and stress. Massage in small circular movements. The body butter also contains our signature essential oil scent which is designed to relax and calm your mind. So it's great to use just before bed.

Use the Aura Spray to help protect your energy, both yours and other people's. The Aura spray also assists with keeping you focused, grounded and stress free.

It's the perfect self care accompaniment for manifesting your goals and dreams.

Around the house in areas of high traffic use the loose leaf smudge to remove old outdated energies. Always smudge your front and back doors. I also use the smudge with our 10 hour tealight candles which helps shift the energy in your house or office. Which is fabulous for those sensitive to smoke. I simply add a small amount of the loose leaf smudge with water to the tealight burner vessel I use. And it works perfectly!

Ask for new energies to come in with how you wish to be treated or for new things to come into your life. Are their odd jobs that have been annoying you? Would like to see completed? By setting your intentions whilst smudging these areas you will more than likely see/feel the difference with in a week or two. Or perhaps even quicker with the eclipses.

I also suggest to work with the crystal energy of black obsidian. It is a powerful transformational crystal as well as assisting growth on all levels of your life. Black obsidian shields you from negativity and dissolves emotional blocks and ancient traumas.

It encourages you to takes leaps of faith into the new and the unknown.

Indulge in our Sacred Beauty Mini Retreat Gift Box it's the perfect way to kickstart your new facial self care routine!

If you would like to book an Intuitive kiss secrets reading to help you through this magical and transformational time please fill out our waitlist.

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