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LIP VOLUMIZER - Red Flags & Rapid Recovery

In the news and social media forums there's lot's of claims about natural lip volumizer solutions to help women feel more confident.

These types of solutions are considered a cost effective alternative to expensive lip fillers, but what happens if you experience an allergic reaction?"

Let's take a closer look at the two possibilities...

Most lip volumizers work by irritating the lip area by using a vasodilation effect of the blood vessels. This relaxes the walls of the blood vessels to give your lips that plump fuller look.

The irritation is caused when the lips begin to swell as blood rushes to the surfaces of lips. Most reactions are mild and give the consumer that plumper look they are desiring.

What are the most common ingredients used to give your lips a volumized appearance and how does it work?

Ingredients used in most lip volumizers are:

Cinnamon oil, capsaicin (derived from peppers, capsicum or chillies), caffeine and niacin.

If your lips tingle or feel hot and burny it is more likely you are having a reaction to one of these common ingredients.

Lip plumper allergic reaction symptoms that are known as 'lip cheilitis' which refers to short/long term inflammation of the lips.

This can look like your lips are peeling, red, sunburnt and includes the area around your mouth.

You mouth area can become infected to the irritant or allergen which could lead to persistent lip licking.

You may also notice the sides of your mouth becomes cracked and you could develop cold sores.

Long wear Lipstick can also lead to these common lip plump allergic reactions.

And depending on how your lip and skin area is naturally you will either get

reaction 1 - your desired plump look or

reaction 2 - an allergic reaction

Here's my 3 part solution to solving lip plumper bad reactions

No1: Immediately remove the capsaicin lip plumper with cold water. Then apply a cold washcloth to the affected area. Leave this on until the burning sensation dissipates.

No2: Apply a soothing balm and serum that doesn't contain lanolins, petroleum or coconut derivatives. I'll explain why soon!

No3: Drink plenty of water for the coming days and avoid immediate sun exposure.

➡️ Avoid wearing lipstick until💄your lips are no longer red, dry or peeling.

Three ingredients you should avoid in your lip volumizer red flags & rapid recovery plan are lanolin, coconut oil, petroleum products.

Why? I hear you ask...

These ingredients although they can be good in other circumstances will probably not be great to apply to your sensitive lip area.

Lanolin is designed to keep water out. So even though this appears to smooth and soothe your lips it's likely that in around 10-14 days after your reaction you could break out with a cold sore.

Coconut Oil is great to eat however it's a little known fact that it's a known comedogenic which could lead to a break out on your lip area.

Petroleum/Mineral oil is manufactured from crude oil and although this oil does not penetrate the skin easily, it can cause it to naturally stop any moisture from entering the skin. May also be listed under these ingredients: Paraffin wax, benzene, toluene, PEG, DEA, MEA.

Three things you need to consider when looking for products that "actually work" quickly to alleviate your pain.

No 1. It needs to be anti-bacterial

No 2. It needs to contain lots of antioxidants

No 3. It needs to have anti-inflammatory qualities

Your rapid recovery plan should include a lip balm or serum that are humectants, which means they attract water and hydrate you lip area.

These should include:

No 1. Great lips enhancing oils to help rejuvenate such as Jojoba, evening primrose, calendula, pomegranate.

No 2. Butters to soothe and calm such as cocoa and shea

No 3. Natural waxes to help protect and lock in moisture such as beeswax, or carnauba.

As part of your rapid recovery plan we recommend trying the best selling lip balm bundle. It contains all the essential ingredients to help heal your lip area quickly.

Oh and it's great for cold sores too!

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