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One Million Kisses


Have you ever looked in the mirror and wondered what’s so special about your lips? Do you daydream about having perfect luscious lips? Would you like to uncover the hidden secrets lips reveal with just one kiss?

This little book of lips will help you understand the true meaning behind your smile and why your lips look so different?  One Million Kisses unleashes the secrets to a long lost healing modality based on reading the characteristics of lips. These distinctions tell a story and reflect details about who you are and what makes you unique. Once you’ve finished reading this book you will never look at your lips in the same way, ever again.

Janine Hall knows LIPS! And is Australia’s leading expert in her field, her luxurious sacred beauty business delivers remarkable results across the globe, thanks to her superior handcrafted formula.

Affectionately known as the lip lady to the stars, her lip balms are gifted to Hollywood A-lists nominees celebrating Oscars weekend since 2016. Janine believes that helping people just like you to be passionate about themselves is the key to being confident in your own smile! This book shares the hidden secrets your lips reveal about your health and wellbeing including beauty tips and remedies. Discover what your lips say about you and have fun doing it!

Be amazed by Janine’s spectacular power to speak to your soul and delve deep into personality traits, from just one kiss. One million kisses is Australia’s first book about lips and their personalities. This is a valuable guide and resource book about how one kiss can truly make a difference in your life.

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