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Say YES! Create & Consciously Connect your dreams for 2023

How has the first few weeks of January and 2023 been for you?

Have you felt slowed down? Feeling pressure to get started with your intentions and desires for 2023 but feel like you lack the motivation and clarity to make it happen?

Fear not, with the Super New moon in Aquarius ♒︎ you're going to feel uplifted and ride the wave of love, kindness, creativity and compassion. It's your time to shine and over the next few weeks the cosmic energy is going to give you one magical and mighty boost.

With many planets being stationary or in backward movement to earth (retrograde), I have felt the need and desire to slow down, unplug and simply relax. To create time and space in my 'luxury life' of natural rituals, finding freedom and peace has been part of my daily adventures for the first few weeks of January.

This year I had the pleasure of spending an entire week in nature amongst trees and natural water ways I felt relaxed and took advantage of unwinding and I feel fantastic. I could sense the stress and anxiety melting away and I had no desire to fill my every minute with something to do. It's these little nuances that enabled me the precious space to relax in a hammock and simply be still.

Slowing down is so important and becoming present in a 24 hour period rather than thinking ahead enables your mind and body to restore it's energy levels.

How have you been feeling for the first few weeks of 2023? I hope yours where as relaxing as mine!

From around the 20th January you may have begun to feel more energised just before the Aquarius new moon. If so, you may have the desire to kick start your creative and even your eccentric expressions for 2023. Are you beginning to see your own authenticity is needed and valued in the world. Cosmically the energies will give you a big elevation to assist with your intentions and plans for the year ahead.

Decluttering my personal environment, mind and body is one of the best and easiest ways I love to help myself. This is so effective to motivate you as well as to make space for new and exciting things to enter your life.

Here's 5 easy ways to declutter to help connect with your creativity

1. Clean your office desk or regular work space. Throw out old paper work and get organised with a neat and tidy work space.

2. Throw out unwanted and unused items from your house. Remember that one person's trash is another's treasure.

3. Empty the clutter from one of your most messiest drawers, you'll be surprised at how good this makes you feel every time you open it.

4. Clean the bathroom cupboards, wipe out the surfaces and place all your makeup and self care items in neat and tidy boxes. This will help you know exactly how much you have in your cupboards and drawers and makes it easier when its time to replace any items. Discard old used out of date materials. Stop hanging on to that lipstick you bought in 2010!

5. Why not try painting and refurbishing a particular room in your house. One that's most used or at least you spend a lot of time in. Perhaps you could buy new bath towels to freshen and update your colour scheme. Or maybe change your furniture around.

You'll' be surprised at how amazing these simple little steps can make you feel, fresh and ready to kickstart your new year with purpose and passion.

One of the most beneficial ways you can help yourself feel amazing, less stressed and able to focus on what your world requires from you is to start a personalised self care ritual. Allowing your body and olfactory senses to connect with things that make you feel beautiful and smell divine is one magical ritual that will help you live the 'luxurious life' you deserve.

If you would like something to assist you on this journey we've launched our limited edition* 'Luxury Life' Retreat Box which introduces you to our divinely inspired beauty and wellness rituals to help indulge your mind body and soul in creating your own first class luxurious life.

Luxury Life Retreat Box includes:

Rose and Chocolate Bath Soak⎟Thank You for your Kindness Gift Set⎟Travel Candle⎟Loose Leaf Smudge⎟30 ml Aura Spray⎟100ml Body Wash ⎟100ml Body Butter ⎟Travel Charcoal Face Mask ⎟Luscious Lip Serum

Bonus Luxury Lip Kit includes: I Love Luxury Lip Stick ⎟Lip Scrub valued @ $49.90

'Luxury Life' Retreat Box is available from 22nd - 30th January 2023 or while stocks last

Our Guarantee: We want you to feel 'WOWED'! In fact, we're so confident about our products, that unless you do, we want you to tell us, and we insist you take advantage of our guarantee. If you're not 'wowed' with our Twenty2Luxury products within 30 days we'll give you a full refund of your purchase price.

Join the Wait List

If you would like to kickstart your 2023 with clarity and ease why not book in for a Kiss Print Reading. Click the button below.

Please note that our January readings are now full and we are taking expressions of interest for our February readings.

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