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How to Rocket Launch your life with the March Energy!

Full moon occurs in Australia at 11.40 PM

The Month Ahead

At times this months energy will be fast paced and you may find if you've done the work that your profound wishes and dreams can be seen coming into physical reality.

You'll be speaking with courageous and empowered truth as you rise in your own strength and power. The fast paced energy may even feel crazy at times. Yet you will feel ok.

Take time to breath

Finding moments to keep your self grounded as life begins to quicken at a rapid pace may at times feel overwhelming. Don't worry everything you've been planning, working on and manifesting will be received well, even if there are challenges along the way.

Be organised

Organising yourself is going to be one of the biggest keys this month as its like you've been given the keys to a rocket ship and your ready for take off.

The Golden Light energy is here to assist you to see what's happening metaphysically for you as the month progresses. Can you sit daily and write your to do list making sure to schedule in some time for self care, breath work and mediation.

If you can you'll find this massive influx of a rising energy from deep within you. If possible find some time to connect with the SUN. This will help you take action and ignite the fire within.

Schedule your self care as you are writing your daily list of priorities and you will find March although super busy will feel peace within your busy-ness.

In World News

On the world stage there will be lots of more shocking revelations. Bigger than what is already being shown in the public arena. You might feel somewhat shocked if you've unaware.

Could this be on main stream media ? - maybe

You don't need to engage with the dramas of others or other peoples life situations.

Its time to focus on you

The mantra I AM, I AM, I AM...

Say this each morning as you wake and when you go to bed.

Be thank-full and grateful. Perhaps have a personal journal beside your bed and if possible find at least 5 things you are feeling blessed about in your personal and professional life.

When you speak the I AM MANTRA take it slow and listen to the responses your consciousness wants to share with you. Listen intently and acknowledge this and write it in your journal.

What have you accomplished?

Write your hopes, dreams and wishes from a feeling state. As in how do you want to feel?

Elated, accomplished, happy, etc. Doing this during the magical energies of the full and new moon will amplify your intentions.

As March progresses you will see a rise of lots of letting go around your own emotional decluttering. It may not be easy at times, with trust it will be worth it.

Trust and have faith and most of all be kind and know yourself.

Your intuition is on point.

Personal transformation

Facing the unearthing of many personal secrets either within your own shadow or someone else's may leave you feeling a little daunted. Stay grounded during this time and where possible practice the I am MANTRA along with your breath work and mediations.

One minute you may be filled with energy next you'll feel like you've been wiped out or ran a marathon. It's ok and all part of the process.

Be truthful and know that you've got this and it will be worth it.

Spring/Autumn Equinox

As we come up to Spring / Autumn equinox you will see an influx of energy.

There will be a heightened sense of sensitivity as there are some major planetary alignments and actions going on in our sky. And if you are personally conscious of this , as I am. You will find life begins to become uncanny with so many serendipitous events and happenings that can change or assist your course of action.

You could notice ear popping, sensitive to sounds especially voices and or singing. possible headaches and or eye aches. This is all part of your soul's transformation.

Saturn moves in to Pisces

Saturn moves into the new astrological sign of Pisces with the full moon. It would be good idea to see where these planetary alignments sit within your own chart and how they my personally effect you.

I encourage you to keep writing in journal throughout March, perhaps you could make it a daily practise. Even if you don't think you have anything to say.... Just begin writing.

Write about your feelings and what you want to see in your world. What sort of achievements and experiences do you want to have by the end of March.

Come to the edge - Courageously

How often to you think of something that you would like to do or accomplish and then some things inadvertently stops you. Where does FEAR hold you back consciously or unconsciously?

My spiritual team have asked me to ask you...

To come to the edge, right to the edge of life even if you're scared.

Encourage yourself to remember how strong and courageous you are.

Trust is important this month particularly around the Equinox.

You'll be asked to be vulnerable so you can hand over any fears you have.

The Energy of I AM

Come back to the Mantra of I am... I am... I am... I am

Sacred Animal Totem

The sacred animal March asks you to work with is the turtle and snake.

You might notice these in your dreams or out in nature, all will be ok if one happens to cross your path.

Your dreams will indicate to you, your own personal transformation. If you can leave your journal by your bed and write them down should you remember them.

By the end of March - if you've come to the edge, put in your personal work (only you know what that is). You won't be the same, you would have accomplished something revolutionary and what you consider to be monumental in your own self-mastery. March should leave you feeling more confidence and courageous .

YOU will feel so much stronger and capable.

Negotiations and Contracts

You could find yourself negotiating some deals and or contracts by the end of March (this could continue into mid April as well).You will need to look at the documents carefully.

If this contract or deal is what you are wanting you will be given the golden light to jump in and go for it, even if you don't know all the answers. This will be more than likely a brand new venture.

5 Crystals to work with this month

Lapiz lazuli - for cleansing the third eye and throat. Gives you clarity, integrity and intuition. This stone is one that is geared towards communication and releasing your own personal wisdom.

Citrine - Spiritual growth, success, enjoyment of life, energy, raising self-esteem

Gold is the master healer and helps release the feeling of overburden. Helps to actualise the intricate details of potential for self

Chrysocolla - peace, patience, unconditional love, honestly, gentleness, helps heal heartache. Brings confidence and sensitivity, brings joy and over comes phobias, opens psychic visions.

Topaz - Recharges one self, re-motivates, promotes truth and forgiveness, assist with problem solving, bringer of joy, abundance, good health. Stabilises your emotions.

The Sacred Alchemy of Tree Energy

Find a SHE OAK TREE or similar. These trees represent mystical truth and bravery and they are the support of light workers and warriors. The tree offers tremendous support to find forgiveness even to strangers. These trees will offer a unique knowing to all those who sit beside them.

Golden Ray Visualisation

Meditate beside this and visualise the golden ray of coins down through the crown of your head

circling you in a large clock wise direction. Feel it going down your entire body. Once it reaches the bottom allow the golden ray to rise up in an anti-clock wise direction.

All the way to the top of your crown chakra. This will give your energetic body/chakras a lot of strength.

To imagine the Golden Ray I want you to hold your hands apart approximately 20 - 30cm

Close your eyes and begin to breath... slowly and consciously.

Allow a golden light body ball of coins to be placed in to your hands. It could look like a sparkly gold disco ball.

As you soften in to this you will feel the ball between your hands, which may begin to feel tingly like something is in between them.

Bring your hands up over the top of your head and imagine the ball flowing in a clock-wise direction all they way down to your feet. It then circles back up in an anti-clockwise direction.

Allow the golden ray to move like this several times over your body.

When you finish with doing this say "and so it is". Be mindful of what your intuition has shown you. Write it down if you feel you might forget.

It's not all work - have fun

Don't forget to have fun and find some time to play. Don't take like too seriously.

If you can get your hands into some textured art .

The key is to have fun with something you can create with your hands If you're inclined why not play in the gardens perhaps you might find a few fairies if that's your energy.

Find space to breath

Take time to find space to breath. Use your conscious breath and the I am Mantra to be purposefully quiet and connected within.

By incorporating these tips into your self care rituals your more than likely feel that this Month you can have it all and handle pretty much anything.

Here's to your first class luxury life

Janine x

I recommend this amazing self care ritual to enhance your sleep and nourish your mind body and soul. Give your body the gift of feeling nourished and loved this month.

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