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How to Develop Powerful Habits to help your Self-Care Rituals

The daily self-care every woman can practice

How often do you find yourself feeling drained, exhausted and worn-out?

Do you wonder why your energy is so flat and why you feel numb and withdrawn?

How can you feel energised and good about yourself when everything feels overwhelming?

Can we allow ourselves to play, learn, have fun, make mistakes, fall down and dust ourselves off to do it all over again? Can we stop the perfectionism within and learn to not listen to the projection of others?

Through modern technologies we've become both privileged and challenged, culturalized to focus on validating our collective self through a strangers likes, shares and comments on social media. Is it any wonder we can often feel muddled and confused trying to keep up through the seemingly limitless access to the outer world. This can be both a curse and joy if we don't know how to regulate our own boundaries.

How can we manage our own anxieties and mental health to not feel overwhelmed?

Is it even possible? How do we stop the 'comparitinitis'?

For me learning to dance in the unseen forest and getting to know yourself is a gift of self care. Knowing when to speak up and quieten your mind is one of the easiest ways to practice these daily rituals and discover the magic of your own soul.

When do you engage or when do you walk away?

Falling in love and mastering 'ourselves' with ease is something we can focus on despite the outer world conditioning us to think that we're not worthy of success, love or that we're doing everything wrong.

For the last 3 years I've been practising the un-busyness of my life deliberately spending time with myself. I must say as a person who likes to keep busy with something on the go I did struggle with the stillness of everything.

Today however I am loving how I live in the now moment!

I've learned to say no to my old ways and bought my focus within. Battled the 'busyness' and ditched my old people pleasing ways as they just weren't cutting it for me any more. I've learnt it's ok to say no to things that you find demanding of your time.

Here's 5 of my favourite habits to practice daily.

5 Powerful Habits for Self-Care Rituals

1. Resist in second guessing yourself

Trust in your own intuition which may come in subtel symbolic waves through music, tingles touches and synchronicities. Learning to read between the lines is how your intuition aligns with your soul purpose. Surrender to your own traumas and simply allow your old wounds to be acknowledged. Have conversations with your trauma's... it's ok. See the shadow of your personality in all its glory and practice loving it. Remembering the powerful soul you are becomes so much easier when we learn we don't need fixing.

2. Speak your mind

Stop remaining small to appease others. Your voice is unique to the world. It's ok to have different opinions to others or the current narrative being told through mainstream media. When you express your beliefs with kindness you can find compassion for yourself and others. It's really important to stop comparing yourself to others and learn discernment of what feels right to you. Don't be afraid to let go of people who no longer align with who you are today.

Stay curious and question everything that you see and hear. Does it feel truthful to you or is there something else that doesn't feel right?

3. Treat yourself to a digital detox

Create space in your world for a digital detox and allow life to show you the beauty of simply being. Your mind will become clearer when you stop mindlessly scrolling through social media feed. Put your phone down somewhere where it's not on your person. Even if it's just for a few hours. Do you remember the days when you could leave the house and not worry if you were contactable? How do you begin to feel de-stressed? Is it a simple drive in the countryside, a picnic, lying in the sun, cooking or reading your favourite book? Make the time to be with you, completely uninterrupted by technology.

4. Find beauty in the simple things

So take some time just for you for one day a week, or even for a few hours if you can't manage an entire day. Can you do something just for you? Even if it's just one tiny self love ritual that makes your heart sing. Perhaps it's an art class or sitting by a natural water stream, or taking a picnic and going to the beach. Try getting up early to watch the sunrise or spending the evening watching the moon and the stars.

5. Anoint your body

One of the easiest ways to find practical and powerful habits of self-care is the sacred moment of simply applying a body care product, especially to our divine feminine sacral energy centre, which is located just below the navel. It's often overlooked when we are applying products to our bodies. By using a clockwise massage motion around your stomach and navel area you are igniting your own creativity, sexuality, connecting with your inner child and releasing old wounds and traumas.

When we anoint our bodies in self-love rituals using aromatherapy we help balance our entire well being. Thus helping us to remember just how powerful we are.

The sacred anointing of our Luxurious Body Butter features our dreamy signature scent with aromatherapy essentials oils. Organic cocoa butter symbolizes peace harmony and happiness. Your skin will be hydrated and nourished with essential and nutrient rich ingredients. Blended with organic calming shea butter which as a natural anti-inflammatory assist you to soothe your mind and body.

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