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How to Manifest your deepest desires with Sacred Alchemy and ancient Body Rituals

What is Manifesting?

Manifesting means to 'make real'. Turning your thoughts dreams and desires into your physical world. There are many spiritual and sacred practices that can assist your dreams into reality.

Creating things such as vision boards is a super powerful way to 'make real' your manifesting. Using physical steps to create an intention that you then actor into your body is the easiest way to make your dreams a real.

Is there a perfect time of day for you to manifest?

This depends largely on your day unfolds. Some people like to create a ritual before they go to bed at night. Others are morning people and prefer to do this as soon waking.

You can use tides, moons, special occasions, sun, astrology, numerology a specific date or anything that works for you. The most important thing is to do so with a clear mind and not be anxious or feel rushed about the process.

How to focus on your feelings

When 'making real' your manifesting its important to anchor your connection with your desire and focus on how you want to feel. Depending on how you wish to work and what you find easier you can use different and ancient rituals to connect your manifesting process.

1. Moon Cycles

Working with the moon cycles can be a great way to start the practice. By using a candle and a vibrational healing spray you can sit with the moon to help create some magic rituals. This is a simple process that when you light your candle you deepen your breath and slow it right down. Clearing your mind of any outer influences.Three deep breathes usually is a good starting point, however go with what you feel works best for you. Spray your vibrational healing spray 3 - 5 times around your crown chakra (over the top of your head) then begin to look into the candle flame.

Keep focusing only on the flame and connect with your breath and the beat of your heart. Shut your eyes so you are squinting into the candle flame. And begin to focus on your feelings. You may notice things begin to pop into your head or you may be conscious of aches and pains in your body. Write them down and start to see what your unconscious self is beginning to tell you. You can do this for as little 5 to 10 minutes or as long as you require.

2. Journaling

Journaling with a crystal is also a very helpful way to start your manifesting practice. You can state out loud what you wish to make real. I suggest to be specific with how you want to manifest and form where. For example if you wish to create more money in your bank account. Write down where you want it to come from.

Stating you want to win lotto probably won't be as powerful as being directly involved in the outcome. For example what would be the correct next right action to make your 'money dreams' come true. Use your journal on a daily basis to say and write affirmations that will help create a flow effect with your intentions.

3. Body Rituals

One of the best ways I love to work with 'making real' my intentions is using a combination of the two practices above as well as creating a mind/body/spirit connection by using self care tools that make me feel fabulous such as a gorgeous bath. I find by nurturing my body I can really relax into a deep mediation.

By allowing my body the luxury of relaxation I can truly feel what I want to create. This practice does take a little longer however I love it as it enables me to stop the busyness of life and connect with my inner self on a deeper level. Even deeper then meditating as its my entire body feels fresh and alive and uncluttered. I then focus on where I want to bring in more joy into my life and relationships. How I choose to nourish my body and where my relaxed state is taking me. Often I will get an inner knowing of either creating something or leaning into stillness. Either way I have learnt to listen to my body.

The products I recommend for creating your own sacred alchemy rituals for your body are:

Aura Spray: is calming and transformational and enhances your own unique inspiration. Consider it like your own personal blueprint. Can eliminate stressful situations almost immediately.

It connects you with your deepest desires and life purpose when used in ritual with our candles and other products. And helps gives you and energetic remembrance of how courageous you are.

Sacred Gem essences used are:

  • Chalice well water (strengthens your I am power),

  • Tigers eye ( for motivation, abundance and energy shifts),

  • Rose quartz (inspires compassion for one self) and

  • Tasmanian quartz (stimulates and balances the entire body) crystals.

Body Wash has SLS’s and uses pure organic ingredients without harmful chemicals and our signature scent of 7 essentials oils to promote a calming and relaxed experience for you. Use as a body wash or a bubble bath to enhance your ritual.

Bath Soak is perfect combination of Roses and chocolate without the calories or the expense. We use pure organic rose petals with on a spiritual level evokes pure love for the you

  • Essence of the divine feminine

  • Represents elements of fie and water

  • Amplifies your unique intuition

Travel Candle with essential oils is the perfect accompaniment to your body ritual. The three essentials oils used are :


  • support you through grief and depression

  • enhance your own inner joy and strength

  • Offers you protection prosperity and happiness

Ylang Ylang

  • creates harmony between the divine masculine and feminine energy

  • supports your emotional well-being

  • helps you to have a harmonious house


  • give you mental clarity

  • helps you to focus and

  • promotes relaxation.

  • Perfect for connecting your manifesting dreams into reality.

Lip Balm is made with pure cacao butter

  • which helps to release endorphins

  • stimulates a burst of energy

  • Makes you feel happier and more creative.

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