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Fear V's Freedom

Updated: Apr 5

How to succeed and eliminate FEAR with EASE!

Aprils energy for the month ahead...

April will ask you to completely step out of your comfort zone and into uncharted waters as new beginnings and creativity take on a whole new level. Becoming unhurried and allowing your dreams to manifest will become a priority. You will be asked over the coming month to have complete faith and trust in the unseen and unknown.

The new beginning you have been asking for is here for you to embrace. Can you allow yourself to BECOME the NEW version of yourself without limiting your expectations, plans and dreams because of FEAR.

Your monthly lesson

You may be thinking that you're going to need to climb a massive insurmountable mountain to enable your dreams too manifest. During April you will be presented with what's missing from your current path and uncover an easy and more flowing state to be in.

You'll more than likely be feeling very resistant to the changes being asked of you. Have faith and trust in the unseen and listening form your heart and not your ears. The new path that you're being shown might seem too good to be true. Can you overcome the conditioning you've previously experienced that things must be hard to achieve success?

Can you embrace ease? Nothing is too easy. Follow the path of least resistance to find your own personal successful outcome.

Full moon

Fear is a self imposed illusion. Unrecognised previous traumas create pockets of fear that remain with all of us. Our shadow and trickster energy mimics your own voice into thinking your unworthy of success, love, or of being victimised. Holding your self-worth and self-sabotaging knowingness hostage, which allows you to then feel lack.

Can you overcome these limiting beliefs and ask to be shown the path of least resisitance? Are you able to recognise your past traumas as experiences?

What feels so easy that you can shine in your own way. Can you allow this full moon to illuminate your GENIUS zone?

Your intentions

Have you set an intention for the month ahead? Was it personal or relationship based or entrepreneurial and career focused? Either way you should focus on your natural talents. What are you seamlessly good at and get help with what your not that great at.

Not taking yourself too seriously will be an important reminder during April. Look on the lighter and more playful side of life when you are faced with any challenges that may arise.

Remember April asks you to find flow, don't be resistant to finding the easy path. Let go of the old worn out beliefs that your life doesn't deserve to be easy.

Your opportunities

How can you magnetise more love, abundance, money, clients, and acceptance and understanding. Where have you been unconsciously sabotaging yourself?

April asks you to find balance in your intimate relationships and drop all the agenda's that you need to win and to be right. Allow love to show up and flow through you. Can you speak from your heart not your head?

Check in with your words and responses. Do you need to take a breath before you respond?

Can you find compassion for yourself and others in your responses, or will you be all fired up and want to be destructive rather than constructive?

Aprils Advice

Stepping into unknown territory requires trust in the unseen and unknown. Can you allow your higher self to guide you through your darkness and shadowy self?

April will show you where you're holding yourself back.

You'll be shown your own self imposed limitations, fears and procrastination. Can you allow others including spirit to nurture, support and love all of you?

The new moon energy + Solar Elcipse

Asks you to be open to your own magic and experimenting with your unique curiosity and going deeper with your personal creativity. Becoming playful within the unknown. Strength and trust in your higher and unconscious self. It's important to not be in a rush.

Potential Outcome

Right now you can literally achieve anything you desire. It will be important to take a breath and don't allow yourself to over react.

Boundaries are still playing an important role this month. Where do you end and others begin? You are capable of finding interdependent relationships that are mutually supportive, stimulating and transformational.

Having an open heart and listening to the nudges you are being shown on a daily basis will be shown to you. Discovering how to be more playful with your new beginnings, with help you find clarity. Keep going on your desires, goals and dreams as it's important to keep going on your own path.

Learn to listen with your heart not your ears to gain greater insights into your own personal partnerships. Remember the path of least resistance.

What partnerships (personal or business) are you blocking because you are allowing fear and your past experiences to dictate to you the new outcomes?

Elemental Actions:

Goddess: Kali Ma helps to close out cycles creating many endings the no longer serve you. She leaves no stone unturned and removes the shackles of resistance and unworthiness from your life. Kali Ma has a fierceness and determination to your life that will leave no stone unturned. Anything that is not in alignment with your souls highest path will be removed. She brings with her unbridles strength, courageous and a willingness to change. You will uncover deep hidden traumas that you didn't even know existed. She will show you your true power.

Spiritual animal: Tiger and dolphin

Crystal energy: Black tourmaline, Red garnet and Kunzite

Tree spirit: Cedarwood, helps to restore balance and helps interrupts messages from spirit.

Physical Self Care: Helping to detoxify your body/ skin is a really easy way to bring about newness into your physical world.

Evening primrose; for balance

Cocoa butter; for laughter

Rose; for envoking love

April Luxury Self care retreat box includes your complete essentials to helping you feel relaxed, renewed and loved!

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