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How to Evoke the Sacred Messenger from within

Updated: May 17, 2023

Acceptance of the divine in me sees the divine in you - mirror mirror

Important astrological dates to remember:

Full Moon/Eclipse - 5th /6th May and New Moon - 19th/20th May

May's energy for the month ahead

Surrendering and accepting will be one of the key themes for the month of May.

Acceptance of all things in your life as they will only get better even if you think the world is conspiring against you right now. You are being shown how to trust in something much bigger than you. Remember the only thing you can choose is your attitude.

Will you be responsive or reactive?

Communicating from your heart rather than your head will be a wise choice during May as some words can not be un-done once spoken. Choose wisely and take a step back. Take a long breath before responding to deeply personal conversations that you may have.

Surrender to the flow

Your monthly lesson - what is the theme

Do you love how you are showing up in the world as your aligned self? Are you seeking the answers from within and tuning in to your highest energy, are you in alignment? Does it feel good?

Ask yourself... what would love do?

Being comfortable in your own skin, do you like yourself? Do you like the way you treat others? Can you be at home with yourself. Can you accept everything in your journey as experiences in all successes and failures?

Can you remember when you experience an e-motion (energy in motion) whether that's feeling sad, fear, anxiety, stress or even angry that you are not a bad, unhealed person and you certainly don't need fixing.

You are simply experiencing an energy moving through your body. Allow it to move through you, accept it and find compassion for yourself. Show yourself some kindness and remember that is ok to feel energy moving through your magnificent body.

Full moon - What do you need to release

Accepting the expansion of your goals and dreams. What once served may no longer be in your highest alignment. Letting go of all the negative stories you've told yourself. Which will enable the best decisions to be made for your highest alignment and good of others. Answers can be found by slowing down and going with in. Meditation or long slow walks will be very helpful at this time.

You are being asked to remember that you are powerful and a potent co-creator of your life. Let go of what 'others' think of you as the only person you need to please is yourself. Like wise it's important for you to let go of your opinion of 'others'.

Can you approach each day with a sense of wonder and amusement? Can you release the heavy burdens you have carried with you for a long time? Its time to tell a new story.

Are you allowing yourself to experience joy, pleasure and be inspired in your life? We all have a wealth of expressive creativity that sits within us. Can you claim your creativity and ignore your fears of what others think and be brave, strong and courageous?

Your intentions

Balancing the 'wild women' with laughter and humour will have a transformational outcome for your personal and professional life. Try not to take life to seriously and learn to wear others opinions loosely. Lighten up even when you feel life is filled with intensity and drama. When you feel the energy of being angry or frustrated with yourself or the outer world. See the situation through the eyes of a playful child or a puppy or a kitten. Find you playful carefree side like you're surfing the waves and the dolphins come to play with you.

Your opportunities

  • Allow things to flow, your best opportunities will be in the conscious surrender and gentle gestures to move to you.

  • Accept the gifts that will be given to you.

  • Collaborations with the divine and how they show up for you will surprise you.

  • Things may go more smoothly than you expect.

  • Recognition of yourself and the daily transformation you are experiencing will be shown to you.

Mays Advice: What do you need to hear?

Have you been feeling stuck, unsure, overwhelmed or frustrated? Have you been letting fear and thinking small discourage you from moving forward in life/business?

Often the push and pull of our dreams, desires and responsibilities can result in feelings of inner conflict and confusion.

If so than May will show you the steps to start creating clear communications with your life purpose. You may experience the duality of personal and professional goals that combine with ease. You will feel seen, heard and gain a greater understanding. Expect expansion of all of life areas as Jupiter shows up in the astrological sign of Taurus where it will stay till 2024.

Don't become stuck in your old ways. Be present to receiving and making spontaneous big decisions. Expect travel and speaking to take a role in your world. Stay curious to creative new visions in all areas of life/business.

The new moon energy - What should you activate

New ideas and vision with clarity will be coming through your thoughts and dreams that will assist in your personal transformation whether that is professionally or personally. Your productivity will become fast paced during this time and it will feel like you've warped time somehow.

Feelings of being accomplished will be experienced. Be proud you have literally moved mountains in the last few weeks. Remember that everything is an exchange and your goodwill, will come back to you 10x.

It's important to show compassion to the 'energy of fear' don't let it overwhelm you or guide your choices. If you've dreamt of something big, beautiful, peaceful or simple allow your body to come into alignment with your highest visions. See where fear may have stopped you previously, acknowledge it and allow the energy to pass through you body.

Mantra: I am limitless

Potential Outcome if you take action

Strategic alliances and soul mates will be most important to you as you begin to attract the perfect people for your goals and dreams.

You will feel energised to step out and up in any situation life takes you. Be brave and if you've been feeling sluggish and un-motivated expect this to change with a flux of drive and ambition coming your way. Take the intuitive approach and really feel into each situation and opportunity.

Come from your heart with all your decisions and ask for divine intervention and guidance if necessary. Stay curious and it will be safe to show up and connect with others. Its time to stop hiding yourself away. You are free to choose.

Elemental Actions: Air - finding flow. Look up at the clouds, appreciate the cool breeze on your skin and watch the trees dance in the wind. Air is associated with the mind and communication.

Spiritual animal: Possum energy will teach you how to live in harmony with others. They are a sign of good luck fertility and abundance. Help gain clarity when you've been feeling confused.

Crystal energy: Herkimer Diamond to purify and attune and get you to a place of feeling crystal clear about things.

Physical Self Care: Taking a bath to cleanse your mind and body will work to your benefit. Try this best selling bathing bundle .

I also ask how best can you serve your physical self care. This month it's all about immersion in water and finding stillness within through the ritual of bathing.

Here's how and why your body deserves our mini bath and body ritual...

Benefits of mini bath and body ritual:

  • Proven to reduces stress

  • Relaxes muscle tension

  • Allows alignment of Chi (body energy)

  • Assists with better sleep

  • Keeps you feeling grounded

  • Baths elevate your mood

  • May reduce cold and flu symptoms

  • Helps burn calories

  • Helps to exfoliate your skin

  • Rehydrates dry skin

  • Helps with aching joints

Get your bath & body bundle here

Step one: Run a bath and add your favourite bath soak or essential oil.

We suggest the chocolate and roses bath soak

Step two: Have your best body wash close by so you can lather and massage into your body when your in the bath. The T2L body wash has our signature scent essential oils that will help you to fully experience your bathing ritual.

Step three: immerse your body in the bath for at least 20 minutes as this give your body and muscles time to relax and restore themselves.

Step four: when you're out of your bath and feeling relaxed use a decadent body butter all over your body then follow with our aura spray around the top of your head. Find a comphy place to enjoy a quiet moment

The 'Bath and Body Bundle' is available till 12th May. Use code Bundle for free post

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