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Winter Skin Care BLUES!

It's confession time! Do you get the winter skin blues?

A few week ago I succumbed to the wonderful flu that's going around! I had no energy let alone have the brainpower to visit you in your inbox, perhaps you missed me?

It wasn't until a few week ago that I jumped in the shower and realised it had been weeks since I had even thought about doing some maintenance... you know the usual shaving of your legs, arm pits etc.

I'd been wearing my comfy clothes to keep me warm and the shock of seeing my dry dehydrated skin was just a little overwhelming.

Considering I own my own organic skin care company, and I also personally design, formulate and make all my products.

I knew I had to do something about my current situation.

My lack of energy was real, for weeks I experienced brain fog, and found myself sleeping at odd hours of the day.

I knew my winter skin blues where due to my energy fatigue and wanting to snooze under a soft cozy blanket.

So with this in mind a little me-time was needed.

I decided to put some much needed love and hydration back in to my skin.

I wanted to keep it simple, really simple so I could get back under my doona!

Here what I learnt....

Every time I moisturise my body I feel fabulous and so much better about myself.

I know the true goodness lies in the dreamy formula which is deeply moisturising without that greasy feeling.

And it's packed with an abundance of amazing ingredients such shea butter, pomegranate, cocoa butter, jojoba and almond oil, calendula, vitamin E & C, evening primrose oil and our signature scent with 8 essential oils.

And of course it contains no synthetics or nasties making it a perfect for those with sensitive skin.

In just a few seconds you can apply all over your body for lasting all day effects.

I began my mini me-time using the contents of my Luxury Bathroom box + my body butter which is filled with everything you need for a ritual to make your skin feel instantly luxurious from top to toe.

This includes my organic body wash that gives you a 2 for 1 deal as it doubles as a yummy bubble bath. My Aura Spray really helped lift my mood and is a must have in your beauty ritual tool kit.

And the roses and chocolate bath soak helps you feel like you're in a decadent and really expensive spa. It also doubles as a gentle exfoliant for your skin without the harsh scrubbing.

I felt like I'd indulged in a large box of chocolates and been gifted a dozen roses without the expense or calories.

By this stage I was winning on all levels.

I then couldn't resist using my charcoal face mask, it has some punch to it.

I call it my face lift in a jar... It's like shapewear for your face

Yep it that good

You'll notice a difference instantly!

I find it really helps with any sagging skin and fine lines. Even your turkey neck gets a dramatic boost, and yes it's a thing especially as we mature in years.

Don't get me wrong, I'm all for aging well but hey a little jooshing sure does help you feel fabulous.

I did all this in only 30 minutes with 5 amazing products and felt a million bucks.

My skin instantly looks more vibrant, my body feels hydrated.

And I'm pleased to say spending time on my winter skincare blues really helped me get my sparkle back... even when I'm feeling lazy and find myself snuggling under the blanket.

And if your friends are feeling a little Winter skincare blues please share this amazing offer with them!

To help with your winter skincare blues you can also indulge in some blogs that help you with little mini me-time rituals using the water element, and a sacral massage technique.

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