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June Energy Overview:

A Time for Reflection and Self-Love

June is here, offering us a warm, gentle hug to help nourish and support your journey. It's okay to take time for yourself and enjoy a slower pace.

The gentle paced energy of June allows you to explore how to find the key to freedom by reclaiming your power, recognize the blessings in abundance around us, embrace the healing element of air, and discover harmony in our own sacred beauty. We'll also discuss the crystals that can support us on this journey. Join me in embracing the gentle energy of June.

June Energy Overview asks you to gather your thoughts together and spend time journaling with each of the following questions/steps.

Step 1: Key to Freedom

This month, take a moment to reflect on a relationship or situation that once brought you comfort but now feels suffocating.

Ask yourself where you might have been giving your power away. Finding the key to freedom involves recognizing these areas and reclaiming your strength.

Journal prompt: What relationship or situation feels suffocating to me, and how can I reclaim my strength?

Step 2: Blessings in Abundance

Do you feel worthy of the things you wish to claim? It's time to reflect on all you have and all you wish to receive. There are blessings in abundance waiting for you, but you need to open yourself to receiving them fully.

Journal prompt: What blessings am I grateful for, and how can I open my heart to allow more into my life?

Step 3: The Element of Air - Flying Free

Embrace the element of air this month. Breathe deeply, allowing the sacred air to heal your heart. If you feel stagnant, spend some time watching the clouds. What shapes do you see? Dragons, dinosaurs, angel wings? These are messages from the spirit world. Spend enough time observing, and you will feel spirit all around you.

Journal prompt: Spend time in nature watching the clouds. What shapes do you see, and how do you feel?

Step 4: Finding Harmony in Your Own Sacred Beauty

Venus, the planet of love, harmony, and beauty, connects with the goddess energy of your sexuality, fertility, and victory. Perhaps you've been feeling disconnected from loving and nurturing yourself. How can you nurture yourself more? Embrace your divine feminine self and see your own beauty. Nourish your body and appreciate all it has to offer, from your clothes to your laughter. Breathe deeply and experience stillness under the stars and clouds.

Journal prompt: Connect with your body and ask how it would like to be nourished. What do you appreciate most about your own sacred and divine feminine self and beauty?

Crystals to Work with in June

  • Rose Quartz: For self-love and appreciation. Inspires love compassion and boosts feeling of peace and calm

  • Orange Calcite: To find motivation and abundance, and to see abundance in all things. Assists in getting positive energy moving through your whole body. Helps dissolve problems standing in the way of achieving your full potential.

  • Clear Quartz: To see more clearly while nurturing yourself with a long, gorgeous, yummy hug. Helps clear our mind of negativity.

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