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Gua Sha

Gua Sha

Gau Sha. This beautiful black obsidian gua sha natural face lifting tool is used by traditional chinese medicine and encourages stimulation of the lymphatic circulation systems. Assists in reducing puffiness, relieves jaw tension and encourages glowing skin. Firms and lifts the face and neck over times. Can relieve tension headaches.


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How to use: 
Start with a clean face and prepare skin with facial serum.
Keep the gua sha flat agains the face. Begin on your forehead. Use an upwards motion from brow to hairline. Move to cheeks and use out ward motion. Start at nose and move towards your ear.
Now use the end with two curves and move to jawline. Start from chin and move towards under ear areas. Massage gently to relief tension
Move to under eye area and start at inner corner of eye, move outwards towards your temple. Apply light pressure to this area.


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