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What would love do?... Make a wish and manifest!

Today I’ll be sharing with you the most important themes running through the week ahead with the latest new moon in Libra and what it means for you. How to best work with this energy and how to easily manifest your biggest dreams.

The major themes this week are:

What would love do? ... And Make a wish and manifest!

Let’s take a look...

The week ahead asks you to celebrate our recent new moon in Libra which happened on 25/26th September, the theme for me calls for us to ask ‘What would love do?’ and What do I want to manifest?

We'll also be asked to connect with others in a balanced way and finding courage from within which will allow you to show-up and shine despite the outer worlds current circumstances.

During the week ahead we'll also be asked to connect with others in a balanced way and finding courage from within which will allow you to show-up and shine despite the outer worlds current circumstances. Our communication and conversations with others will also be the main focus along with questions such as how I am treating myself?

If challenges arise ask yourself 'what would love do'?

The astological season of Libra asks us to find balance and stability within. As the 'scales of justice' may also be highlighting both the dark and light aspects within the public arena during this period. It’s important to remember to look at things from that higher prospective. I encourage you to take a fresh look and perhaps try and see things from a position of neutrality?

You'll also be asked to focus on your own relationships, whilst also finding justice and balance from within. How are you treating yourself? Ask yourself ‘what would love you’?

Think about these questions for a moment…

  • How can you take a higher perspective?

  • How can you express yourself with thoughtful kind words?

  • Are you blaming and judging others for your own insecurities?

  • Can you see where this may be present in your life right now?

  • What do you feel could have been out of balance for you?

Under the libra new moon energies take the time to notice how you treat yourself? Pay particular attention to your words and actions as it is from this you will treat others.

Can you be thoughtful and kind to YOU? Are you in encouraging yourself with kind words and taking time for your personal self-care.

Ask yourself 'what would love do to care for me?

Take into consideration how you're nourishing your body? Can be centred, balanced and non-judgemental.

  • Are you setting good boundaries with yourself?

  • Do you take time for you?

  • Do you value you?

  • Are you using self-destructive words?

  • Do you need to apologise to someone?

  • Do you need to apologise to yourself.

  • Can you see the equilibrium within you?

  • Are you pulling yourself up or letting yourself down?

What does all this mean for you?

The week ahead encourages you to start something new and do it in a gentle kind way. Be on the lookout for new opportunities presenting themselves to you. Will you have the courage to take the road less travelled even if you don’t have all the answers.

Can you show up and say YES without fear or holding yourself back? Will you allow fear to overwhelm you, stay stuck in your old ways or will you simply see your fear as an experience, acknowledge it and allow it to move through you and allow yourself to shine on behalf of the divine.

What will it be for you? It’s your choice!

This week you’ll feel encouraged to be more creative with what you have. How can you do things easily without being or feeling the need for perfection. Can you simply show up and grant yourself permission to enjoy something new and exciting.

Make a wish and manifest!

I think the best way to manifest is to use a journal and write down what you want to come into your life and what you want to leave behind. What out dated ways do you desire to leave behind?

I like to do this by writing down on a piece of paper 5 things that I want to accomplish over the next few weeks and how I want to feel. I use the manifesto ‘this and some thing better in both expected and unexpected ways’. I say this over and over for a few minutes.

I also love to burn my manifesting intentions under the new moon energies. You can do this when the moon is at its newest or within a few days after. Whatever works best for you! Don’t forget to keep a journal of what you set your intentions for. However don’t be attached to the form in which they may show up or the timing…… after all we’re on divine timing!

Two of my favourite self-care tools to use when I’m manifesting are the Twenty2Luxury loose leaf smudge and aura spray. This allows me to create so much more magic and luxury into my life and you can find them in the shop section for your convenience.

I hope you have a beautiful week ahead and find some time to enjoy all the newness coming in to your world.

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