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The Luxury Secrets of Pomegranate

A symbol of birth, fertility, prosperity and good fortune

Pomegranate is considered to be plant magic with countless self care and medicinal properties.

Referred to as the fruit of the divine this gorgeous berry feels like you're opening a jewellery box when you crack it open.

Some esoteric & ayurveda practitioners say it has the power to grant wishes and is used in spells to create abundance, fertility and prosperity.

It helps you connect with your own desires, intuition and keeping a healthy balance in your life. Encouraging you to remain grounded whilst staying curious with parts of your life that you haven't explored yet.

Pomegranate extract is nourishing for your skin with many health benefits as it's incredibly high in Vitamin A & C. It also contains many different minerals such as potassium, iron, magnesium and is said to consist of more antioxidants than green tea. This can be because of the high levels of polyphonous like anthocyains which works similarly to Vitamin C this helps detox against free radicals while also being quickly absorbed by the skin to help with blood circulation and improve your immune system.

The secret connections of the mind, body, spirit when you use pomegranate extract is why it's one of signature luxury ingredients for the Twenty2Luxury self care products.

Next time you're using our Body Butter or Luscious lip serum try saying these simple affirmations to bring in abundance into your life.


I am easily receive financial wealth and success into my life

I live an amazing abundant life

I recognise that every day is a blessing even though sometimes I may feel slowed down

My dreams are coming true

I am smart successful and talented

I surrender to devine timing

I achieve what ever I set my mind to

I choose faith over fear

I attract miracles into my life every day with ease

I am confident in my own skin because...

I am strong brave and confident and proud of myself

I am loved

I am loving

I am kind and considerate of others

I choose to be happy despite the outer worlds uncertainty

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