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What the Super New Moon in Capricorn & Solstice means for you!

Updated: Dec 19, 2022

Capricorn sign in astrology represents your ambition, dreams, desires, reputation, influence, your personal power and contribution to society. It allows you to focus on the things that you really love and adore. This happens for both your personal and professional relationships.

A super moon is a moon that appears larger or closer to earth and looks brighter than usual. The moon during this lunation is at its closest proximity to earth - thus you could be feeling amplified.

This super new moon assists you in showing you just how much you've changed and grown since the beginning of the year. What you've left behind and what's new in your world?

This kickstarts a fresh 6 month cycle in your love, relationships and career goals. Expect a lot of personal growth and goal getting vibes in both these areas.

An acceleration of ideas and energy could be likely. You may find you're moving forward with new intentions whilst also acknowledging your past.

Slow and Steady

You'll be encouraged during this new moon to slow down, find your stillness and go within despite the busyness of the Christmas/holiday season and outer world.

Don't rush projects as there's plenty of time for them to come to fruition.

Remember that you work with divine and universal timing, so being present will help you see with simplicity your desires manifest with solid foundations.

If you are wanting to find love or a deeper richer love for your current relationship then plan some fun activities at the start of the year.

It's time for you

Beaconing in the new empowered you will take a little time, with bursts of energy that sees your plans mapped out and begin to take shape. You can start to process the foundations of new projects and any necessary amendments you uncover will be shown to you.

Focus on what you LOVE!

This will be so important for your plans through 2023. Remember to focus on a day by day timeframe (24 hour period) and be flexible with your ambitions. Stay curious about how things may unfold during the next 6 months and be sure to write them down.

Here's a little story about how I manifested a trip to the snow.

I remember journaling a couple of years ago that I wanted to visit and play in the snow. However unless I was going to plan a big skiing trip it was unlikely to happen as I live in Queensland. But I thought why not I'd love to play in the snow.

We decided on a whim to take the opportunity with a few days off to go on a mini road trip to NSW we arranged to catch up with friends and planned where we wanted to go. One of the places we wanted to visit was in a small country town where they made socks.

Driving into the town their was a cold snap which we'd been told would mean it was likely going to snow. Heading back to the care after stopping for breakfast it began snowing and quickly covered the ground with white fresh snow.

We couldn't believe it!

Randomly it only snowed for the day whilst we were their, but driving through the country side and seeing the snow on the side of hills was truly magical. We stopped and played in the snow which was so much fun.

As I got back in the car I was reminded of the little wish I had made only 6 months earlier about my trip to the snow. Best of all I didn't have to plan an expensive skiing trip.

So my question is to you; when you're thinking of ways to find more love and adventures in your life don't be attached to the how, random things like my little snow trip can and do happen.

See how your desires manifest for you!

Acknowledging you achievements for 2022

As we close out the year it's important to write down all the things you've accomplished both large and small. Don't be shy or too quick, take your time as its important to remember as many things as possible. Include all your wonderful physical, emotional and spiritually experiences.

Celebrate everything you learnt about yourself both the good and bad. This will assist you to start 2023 with more clarity and ease.

In World News

On a global scale you may find some new revelations about the power structures within all governing bodies which was once hidden could be revealed. What is no longer held up by past foundations that will allow things that where hidden will slip and fall away.

This could be of our ancient past or history. Notice for news of unearthing new and exciting archeology finds as this can tie into global systems and structures as well. You may have to dig deep (yep...pun intended) to search for these things as they may not appear on your usual mainstream channels.

Cyrstals to work with during this new moon cycle

There are 3 main crystals that you can work with to support your emotional and spiritual bodies. They are Rosaphia, Malachite and Rhodonite.

Rosaphia helps stimulate the heart chakra and helps you to stay grounded. It encourages you to step away from any lingering fears you may have when you're out of your comfort zone and planning your big bodacious moves.

Malachite is the stone to support transformation, helps to clear and activate your energy body and protector of negative energy. Great for detoxifying and enhancing your sexual vitality and assists with bringing your dreams and creative ideas to fruition.

Rhodonite helps to clear away old emotional wounds and balances your yin and yang energies. Builds confidence and eases confusion it is known as the stone of love and enhances your natural intuition. Rhodonite helps to translate your dreams to reality and shows you a clear path to take. It assists you in using your talents to bring gifts of service to others and finding your life purpose.

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