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The secret habits and history of gifting

Updated: Dec 1, 2022

Have you ever wondered what the secret to gift giving is and where it all began? Is there a simple thoughtful way that you can express gratitude and say thank you without feeling overwhelmed or having anxiety?

Whilst many people love the idea of gifting their friends and family there are many people who become anxious about the whole concept.

Today I thought I'd share the concepts, traditions and a little history to help ease you through this fun, creative and yes some times stressful season.

Gifting is not a new phenomenon in fact it has been around for millennia. It is one of the earliest exchanges in history to say 'thank you' and to be able to express our feelings. Dating back to Romans, caveman and pagans. Bestowing gifts was also seen as a status symbol amongst leaders and tribal elders.

It was also a way to show appreciation between tribes. Often the gift could involve the celebration of courtship when a marriage would occur. This was commonly called a dowry. This is when cows, livestock, land and many things of value where exchanged. This form of gifting is still used today in some cultures.

Likewise when my mother was getting ready to marry in the 1960's it was common to have a hope chest. Mum, like many women had been purchasing herself gifts for many years for when the time came for her to move out. It was filled with things including kitchen and bathroom items. Bed linen, trinkets and other personal and useful things.

Today gift giving is still practised all over the world in different cultures. The gift hopefully expresses a sentimental message to the recipient. The gift is often an expression of how we want to send/give gratitude to the receiver.

It's a simple way of communicating with each other.

However not everyone likes gifting and many people struggle with the entire concept. They feel overwhelmed and stressed. Often not knowing what the other person likes or where to even start to give a gift that says thank you.

Perhaps your loved one has previously purchased gifts that well... just didn't hit the mark. It's a what where you thinking kinda moment.

The question is; Is it worse to purchase a bad gift then no gift at all?

Personally I think any gift is better then know gift at all. Even if you quickly pick up flowers from your local service station it's still better than no gift at all. A little gift no matter how small always says thank you.

Could we avoid these awkward moments if we knew the secret to gifting?

One of the secrets to gifting is understanding it's a two way exchange for both the giver and the receiver.

Today there are so many convenient and easy options that if you do happen to fall into the overwhelm category you can simply purchase a gift voucher. Any gift voucher that allows the recipient to feel appreciated is a good idea. Just don't make it from the local hardware store! Unless it will be well received.

What are the 3 Secrets to gift giving?

The first question you need to ask yourself as the giver is how do you want the receiver to feel? There are 3 main feelings that you want to convey. If we get it right or at least close to it there is an exchange of endorphins that gets released into our brains which help both parties feel happy.

You want your recipient to feel:

1. Cared for

2. Loved

3. Appreciated

Gifting is a way of filling your heart with gratitude and enables you to strengthen bonds. This also promotes good will, positivity and happiness.

The best way to avoid the pressure of finding that perfect gift is to ask? This works well for secret santa's and birthdays.

But what if you want to surprise someone? How do you know what they truly desire? Often many clues can be found particularly if you know them personally. You can find simple clues to what someone is saying just by listening and remembering conversations.

Does an expensive gift count more than a more economical gift?

You might be surprised to know that the cost or value of gift is actually not as important as how your gift makes the recipient feel. Always consider my 3 secrets of gift giving and what you wish to express to the recipient.

A recent study suggested that gift recipients appreciated both expensive and inexpensive gifts. They felt closer to those who gifted convenient useful gifts.

Is there such thing as the perfect gift?

Whilst gifting may not always be straight forward you might be surprised to know that as long as you put a little thought into your gift you will be appreciated.

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