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Lip Secrets Revealed!

Updated: May 10, 2023


Would you like your lips to be more luscious Plump and Smooth?

Here's what I know your 3 biggest problems are....

Problem one: You're frustrated about how your lips look. They can often be dry, dehydrated or cracked.

Problem two: Your lips can become so painful that even smiling hurts. And if you're a women over 40 you've probably even stopped wearing lipstick because your can't stand the thought of lipstick bleed.

Problem no 3: Expensive treatments cost lots of time and money.

And the ultimate result is you end up feeling frustrated about how your lips look

Would you like to know how you can start to feel fabulous, gorgeous and confident about your lips look?

If so... you've come to the right place to get the secret insider answers to your long held lip care concerns.

Hey it's Janine and I'm the author of One Million Kisses and the creator of a game-changing product that helps your lips feel more luxurious and gorgeous, and I do it all by using natural and organic ingredients that are safe to use on your delicate lips area.

Have you ever wondered what's so great about your lips?

Have you ever wondered why we love our lips so much and yet neglect them at the same time? We use our lips to express so much of our personality, mostly subconsciously.

We kiss, smile, laugh, talk, sing, shiver, touch, taste and feel with our lips. But how often do we really think about them?

You may be unaware that your lips are vitally important to your overall wellbeing and how you feel about yourself. With this thought in mind, as you keep reading we'll take a closer look into the microsystem of your lips.

I will encourage you to think differently about your own pretty perfect smile, about what your lips reveal about you and how other people’s lips can show their personality quirks.

Your body talks to you every day and your lips bring some very secret and often hidden truths to the mix.

I guarantee you will never look at your lips in the same way ever again.

You’ll commonly hear lips described as: fat, skinny, thin, thick, voluminous, little, big, pouty, plump, fabulous, fake, gorgeous, hot, kissable, lush, lusty, full-bodied, curvy, classy, divine, dreamy, alluring, appealing, inflated, natural, nude, petite, pumped, pursed, rosebuds, rosy, sexy, swollen, tempting, voluptuous, wide, wet, hot, youthful, puffed, pretty, luscious, or large and that’s just to name a few of the words used for lips.

Secret facts about your lips

I’m guessing that, like most people, you have never heard your lips’ microsystem is related to the stomach and other organs.

Here’s a thought: your lips define your entire personality, from how you handle conflict to how you love and live your life.

It’s a pretty cool way to think.

Your lips are your most expressive body feature after your eyes, and have more nerve endings than your genital area. On average, lips have 10,000 nerve endings whereas the female genitalia has approximately 8000 and the male genital area around 6000. That's some information I'm sure you needed to hear!

Lips are one of only 4 body parts that don’t have any sebaceous glands, and are only 0.3 mm thick. If you pull apart a 2-ply tissue this gives you a good idea of how thick your lips actually are. Here are eight health facts about your lips

  1. Lips have no sebaceous glands

  2. Your top lip is linked to your stomach, spleen, and pancreas

  3. Your bottom lip is linked to your intestines

  4. Pale lips are indicators of a weak pancreas

  5. Cracked lips relate to digestive and stomach imbalances

  6. Sore lips are clues to allergies

  7. Soft pink lips are a sign you’re in good health

  8. Your lips are the most sensitive part of your entire body

The problem with cracked lips is a true concern

Imagine for a moment that you continually have cracked lips and no matter what you do they stay the same. What if your solution to eliminating the cracked lips is to change the way you eat or to eliminate something from your diet?

What if it could be even easier to get your lip problems finally under control?

When I chat to clients about their lip concerns, one of the biggest tell-tale signs of a food allergy is the lack of a clear pale pink outline to the lip area. It often can look almost smudged.

Your Lips could be sending you health warnings

1. Upturned lines: On the corner of the mouth can indicate stomach disorders. 2. Cracks in the corners: Lacking good nutrients and vitamins; dehydrated.

3. White lines: Can indicate that you are anemic, and often suffering from irregular bowel movements. 4. Purple lines: Breathing issues and blood disorders. High blood pressure.

5. Mottled appearance: Weak liver, lungs, pancreas and spleen. 6. Many upper fine lines: Reproductive issues, with problems in conception and ovulation, and period pains. Males may suffer from irregular and/or awkward sperm. 7. Crisscross lines and diagonal lines: Hormonal imbalances, mood swings, and possible bouts of depression. 8. Cold sores: Anger about one’s self. Always putting yourself down. “ I can’t, I’m not good enough, I’m not normal”. Feelings of discontent about where life is heading.

9. Cancerous cells: Internal anger, feeling of being misunderstood and not speaking up. Food allergies, or too much substance abuse. 10. Millia around lips: Weak pancreas; too much sugar, fat and meat. Body is clogged and may suffer from constipation or diarrhea. Headaches could be common. 11. Black/brown Spots: Liver disease or weak liver. Unable to see beyond hurts. Suppressed anger. Poor diet and eating the wrong foods. Body unable to digest and doesn’t recognise what you are feeding it. 12. Red lips: Poor diet, digestive system not coping with your choices. Eat easily digestible foods. Avoid processed foods, dairy, wheat, sugars, alcohol, medications.


I'm not gonna lie I wanted to cry...

It was early 2016. I had received some media interest in my game-changing lip-care products, my little lip balm that I have carried everywhere with me over the last 16+ years. Following the publicity in the media, I received so many phone calls from complete strangers telling me their lip problems that I knew I had to share my knowledge and not keep it hidden any longer.

Hence my book, but I guess for me, the biggest realisation that I had to share what I knew really came when I opened my little market stall at the World Famous Eumundi Markets. I could share so many stories, but for now I will tell you about two women. One really a girl, of only around 12 and the other in her mid to late forties.

One day there was a young girl of around twelve walking by and she said at the top of her voice, “I have hideous lips”, without even a second thought about what she had actually said, as if she was used to making these comments about herself.

And with that she was gone into the crowd.

I wanted to run up to her and teach her some cool and fun facts about her lips. But she was gone. Her words pulled at my heart - I could hear them ringing in my own ears hours after she had left.

It was something I simply couldn’t shake. I seriously wanted to cry

The other woman was in her mid forties. A dog had bitten her and torn her lips when she was only about eight years old.

She had endured months of surgery and skingraphs that had left a wide scar across her lips. At school she had been bullied and called names like “butt face” and other more hurtful names.

These names had left her heart broken, traumatised and self conscious about her appearance. She couldn’t see what I saw, someone who was brave, a survivor and a kind, generous and beautiful woman with an infectious smile.

These are just two of the people who made me realise I had to share my knowledge about peoples lips. My goal is to encourage you to think differently. To be mindful, and most importantly to laugh and love who you are.


The Rise of Injectables

When it comes to beauty procedures, the industry has seen nothing like the rise of the phenomenon of injectables since the 1940s, when red lipstick became the must-have fashion accessory. And the redder the better!

Whilst this is an easy non-invasive treatment it can lead to health concerns such as allergic reactions.

How to tell if you are having an allergic reaction to lip fillers?

Your lips may have excessive swelling, bleeding, bumps, bruising, become very red or pale. Commonly this lasts for a few days.

Lip fillers are a great solution however it's not an option for many people as they can be expensive.

And if your like me and scared of needles it's probably something you'll avoid at all costs not to mention how painful having a needle put into your most sensitive body part. And often don't solve the concerns that many people face on a daily basis.

Do you know the NO 1 reason why your lips get cracked, sore and loose collagen?

As we age our lips lose their natural ability to maintain correct moisture levels and collagen. Collagen is the secret ingredient that helps your lips stay plump and supple.

Given that our lips are only 0.3mm thick it's any wonder we start to become aware of volume loss quickly....

Joni Powell a leading Hollywood Make-up Artist

I heard about your products from a makeup artist on a tv show called Animal Kingdom.

I have actresses who literally have lips so dry at times they use tweezers to rip the dry skin off and peel the dead skin !!! Then it bleeds!

Oh my goodness! how amazing is your product-such lovely quality organic ingredients you use. I am looking forward to bringing it in to the cast of the show RUNAWAYS to the actors i told you about and using it as a staple in my makeup.

Thank you soo much!

What ingredients can you avoid if you want to begin to feel confident about your lips?

WARNING! This section could be very controversial; it’s written with the intent to inform and educate you on little-known facts about lip care products. My goal is to encourage you to think differently and to ask questions.

Why? Because your lips deserve nothing but the very best!

Being responsible for helping 1000’s women and men take better care of their lips is something that I love sharing my knowledge about and I can’t tell you the number of people that say thank you, “I never knew that about my lips””.

The little-known facts…

1. Did you know a recent study suggest that certain lip care products still use lead and it’ as high as 75%? And according to some studies, there should be no safe level.

2. What is also concerning is that we actually digest most of what is put on our lips.

3. There is also a misconception that natural products are all safe and don’t contain known carcinogens or hormonal disruptors, such as mineral oils and petroleum.

4. Is long wear lipstick safe? The technology used for long wear lip products gives the effect of transdermal water loss, which means that theirs a film that sits over the top of your lip but doesn’t allow any penetration of moisture to occur. This makes them incredibly dehydrating to your lips. It literally is depleting the moisture right out of your lips.

5. Are essential oils safe to use in lip balm? As a fully qualified aroma therapist, I recognise and understand the potency and healing properties found in essentials. However, I have never used them in any lip care product because the TGA has not approved EO for digestion in Australia. For this reason, I recommend choosing a product that uses the whole plant or active botanical to produce safe levels for you lips to consume.

6. You should also avoid using Lanolin and benzene as these are known as highly allergic or can be considered not suitable for those with sensitive skin concerns.

7. The 10 most common known carcinogens & hormone disruptors found in lip care products

  • Petroleum & Mineral oils

  • Fragrance & synthetic oils

  • FD & C

  • D&C 38

  • Phalates

  • D & C 22

  • Formaldehyde

  • Retinyl Palmitate

  • Methyl & Propyl Parabens

  • Synthetic fragrances

With all this in mind, it’s any wonder most people get confused. However, there is an easy way to transition your lip care products to make them safe for you. And get the results you deserve.

The number one thing you can do is take the list above with you the next time you are choosing a product. And the other suggestion is asking or phoning the company to make sure you are getting what you really want.

Remember your lips deserve nothing but the very best so please remember to ask and do your research before purchasing.

How to get rid of cold sores and chapped lips permanently

When we have a change of season it often affects your lips substantially, they can become rapidly dehydrated even within a matter of hours. This is why it’s so important to not only protect them from the cold, wind, sun and changing weather conditions, but also from the loss of collagen.

This is why your lips appear to lose collagen quickly. When you lose collagen your lips are more likely to feel dehydrated and be prone to having issues such as cold sores and cracks.

There are many lifestyle issues that could cause a breakout of this viral infection commonly referred to as a cold sore such as stress, cold weather, dental work, exposure to wind & sunlight, as well as hormonal changes. Be mindful of any remedies you use that may suppress your immune system.

7 ways to help heal cold sores and dryness virtually overnight

1. Drink water

2. Stay away from parabens

3. Keep your lips moist

4. Don’t lick your lips

5. Avoid fragrances and petroleum ingredients

6. Avoid salty and sugary foods

7. Don’t use lanolin

What is a cold sore and can I avoid having a break out?

Cold sores are best described as small blisters around and inside your mouth. Most often the virus will get better by itself if you can tolerate the pain associated with them. It normally takes 7 – 10 days for it to completely clear. However, you can help make a cold sore go away overnight if use well-known microbial ingredients that can quicken the healing process.

Because it’s a bacterial infection it is best to avoid sharing drinks and cutlery. Always be sure to wash your hands thoroughly or you could risk spreading the virus to other areas of your body.

The number one sign your about to get a break out

The number one sign your about to get a cold sore is when your lips begin to feel tingly a few days before anything appears on your lips. This is a good time to start treatment before you suffer to much pain or accidentally spread the virus.

When choosing a treatment that is going to work always looks for ingredients that have an anti-microbial present such as Manuka honey. This is an effective ingredient and is used in hospitals to combat staff infections (MRSA).

It is best to avoid any products that offer essential oils in your balms. You will find that these oils may be adulterated and can contain ingredients that are not suitable for digestion. They are often too potent for your delicate lip area.

When it comes to your health your lips are pretty clever, they reveal 72 hours before you see the first signs of cracks or soreness that that they need attention NOW!

Here’s the 3 things that happen….

No 1. Your lips have a tingly sensation

No 2. You begin to lick your lips

No 3. Cracks & redness appear in the corners of your mouth and the outside of your lip area.

When this is happening or even after you see the first signs of sore lips appear you often go and grab any old product to try and alleviate that painful feeling, you know how painful it can be when even smiling hurts; we’ve all been there!

Perhaps you've even found yourself rummaging around in your hand bag for the little tube you saw in their last month… but it seems to have disappeared!

You rush to the chemist ask the assistant; “What have you got for cracked and sore lips”. The person hands you some cheap product in tube and says here; “try this it seems to sell well”. You hurry to your car where you smother it all over your lips which are now smelling like sweets in a candy store.

You have no idea if it will work or not, or much less despite reading the packaging what’s actually in it. And at this point you really don’t care, you just want your lips to stop stinging.

Days later you’re still struggling with those pesky sore and cracked lips and it seems despite the pretty packaging and smell to your resent purchase it’s not really helping.

What if you didn’t have to suffer like this anymore?

And you could actually solve your lip concerns and soreness in 24 hours or less?

How good would that feel and is it even possible?

Here’s what you may not know about most lip care products on the market today….

No 1. They contain harmful carcinogenic ingredients, especially the ones that smell like candy

No 2. Even when it appears that the product is “natural” it’s most likely made from a petroleum base, which is technically natural. However it's known to disrupt your delicate hormonal balance

No 3. If its coloured, it most likely contains synthetic ingredients that could make your lips worse.

So what do you look for and how will you know if you’ve got the right one?

The 3 things you need to consider when looking for products that "actually work" quickly to alleviate that pain.

No 1. It needs to be anti-bacterial

No 2. It needs to contain lots of anti-oxidants

No 3. It needs to have anti-inflammatory qualities

These 3 things are critical benefits, now of course there are many other things you need to consider but these make the main difference if you want your painful cracked lips to heal quickly.

And you may not know it but there's a rapid solution that will keep your lips healthy all the time, and you'll be able to act instantly if you happen to get sore lips.

Here’s what one of our happy customers thinks…

I have spent many years doing outdoor all day activities such as, boat fishing, sport, construction and hiking, and suffer from dry lips. Finding a lip balm that did not irritate the skin was always a hit and miss. I always tried the ones with minimum fragrance or taste but having sensitive skin so often I had irritation problems. Reading your story in the local paper grabbed my attention about an organic lip balm, plus your own personal journey, so it was worth a try. My first preference is always organic if it is available and having purchased the first jar has proved great, giving my lips a soft moisture feeling with no redness, irritation, or dryness and white scaling.

I think your product is great

Cheers Colin Jackson

Crushing the secret code on lips

It’s change of season and your lips are feeling drier than ever, what do you do? Grab any old lip product and hope for the best, apply some natural oils, or rush to the chemist and look for a cheapie fix. As long as your lips stop feeling like dry sandpaper you’ll be happy…right?

In fact, you may not be aware but there are some common natural oils that can cause your lips to feel even worse, especially in autumn/winter. One of the main motives is that during this season your lips are exposed to extreme weather including; artificial heating, windy and dry conditions.

Here's a list of my top 3 crackers to avoid

Coconut oil: Even though this amazing oil is considered a super food in it’s natural form it may not be the best to apply to your lips, why? There’s a little known scientific fact about this oil and this is, it’s a known comedogenic; this means it can cause your skin to clog which creates the perfect atmosphere especially around your lips for dryness, acne, pimples and skin irritation to occur. It may be wise to simply eat it instead.

Petroleum Jelly/ mineral oil: Is manufactured from crude oil and although this oil does not penetrate the skin easily, it can cause it to naturally stop any moisture from entering the skin. These oil molecule structures bind other fat soluble vitamins and oils together and take them unabsorbed out of the body which can produce symptoms of dry and irritated skin. Undercover names to avoid: Paraffin wax, benzene, toluene, PEG, DEA, MEA.

Vitamin E: Is a well known and loved ingredient that is an amazing antioxidant. It protects your skin against harmful substances such as cigarette smoke and free radicals. Vitamin E plays a vital role in keeping your immune system and skin healthy. Unfortunately the cheap synthetic version is roughly 12% as potent as natural Vitamin E and is not as easily absorbed as the pure natural vitamin E. Always ask your manufacturer which one they are using. Cheap Vitamin E can cause allergic reactions and cause your skin to become dry and red.

Don't worry I only use the very best natural Vitamin E in all the Twenty2Luxury products

Here's my secret code to eliminating your lip problems

To eliminate the feeling of cracked and dry lips look for lip care products that are a humectant, which means they offer protection and form a barrier on your lip area whilst being able to reduce the loss of moisture and allow other oils, waxes, and butter to penetrate and be absorbed by the body.

A quick customer story: Lyn who was loving her previously purchased Luscious Lip Serum, stopped by a few weeks ago and shard a personal challenge that she had begun using a chemist brand. Even though it was more expensive she wanted to see if it had better results. Lyn let me know that her Luscious lip Serum was the better choice for her and won't be using the chemist brand any longer. Thanks Lyn for your feedback x

How to keep Lips naturally moist

Our lips only get moisture from 3 different sources: the water we drink, saliva and moisturiser that we apply. Having no way to naturally provide moisture our lips rely on what we supply to them. This can cause vast amounts of problems especially if you regularly alternate your body temperature such as air conditioning, sun exposure and the wind, heating, cooler or hotter climates also have varied effects on our lips and how well they maintain moisture.

The level of moisture that you supply your lips can vary greatly which is why you may often suffer from cracked, dry and flaky lips.

When you lips become dry and lack moisture you are also greatly reducing the amount of collagen in your delicate lip area.

Best to use organic and natural ingredients that are safe for you lips

One of the biggest signs of aging lips is not being able to maintain healthy pink lips.

Supplying your lips with regular offerings of a good quality lip care that helps keep moisture locked in will go a long way to maintaining your luscious soft and well-hydrated lips. The Twenty2Luxury Ultimate Plump & Smooth Lip Duo Kit is the perfect way to keep your lips feeling plump and smooth all day and night.

How to naturally boost collagen in your lips

Their are many ingredients you want to understand how they help boost your lips so that they feel naturally plump and smooth.

The best way to do is by using good quality products with amazing active botancials in them.

As well as ingredient that are higher protein. The protein helps restore that vital bounce in your lips that naturally lessens over time.

5 Active Botancials to boost your natural collagen

1. CoQ Enzyme 10 supports the production of collagen and increases cellular activity

2. Bee Protein -good for wound healing and is high in amino acids, help to decrease inflammation

3. Goji Berry helps reduce wrinkles, evens skin tone and reduces hyper pigmentation, maintains moisture. Protects against free radicals such as harmful UV rays

4. Bees Wax Forms a protective barrier is non-comedegenic, protects against water loss. Helps keep lips plump.

5. Evening Primrose Oil may help to relieve cheilitis, reduces red rashes and sores, smooths lip lines, minimises water loss, highly emollient.

Now that you know more about why lips lose collagen and often get cracked you can find more out about the Twenty2Luxury game-changing Lip Kit.

If you would like to know more about how your can improve your lips and start to feel confident about how your lips look join my exclusive "VIP Backstage Pass 'Smooch Camp" it's a free 4 part video series that teaches how to improve your lips with a non-surgical lip service that's statistically proven to provide you with healthy luxurious lips whilst naturally plumping and boosting collagen without the need for expensive and painful injectables.

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