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How to find flow and transform your manifesting rituals into your wildest dreams!

The energy of October brings with it a chance truly transform your life. Like the wheel of fortune in tarot which asks you to be optimistic and to have trust and faith that your situation will work out in the best way possible.

Let's make it easy, fun and find the magical gifts that you'll have by the end of this life changing month!

What's not meant to be part of the way you are currently living life will soon leave you in either a gentle way or with a huge thud. This however will depend on how resistant you are to rapid change and finding your flow.

As we are moving through the libra season with a full moon in Aries on 9/10th of the month you will no doubt be asking how to manifest more money, how to ask for a raise, finding more money in the weekly budget, or perhaps start new skill or some sort of learning that could earn you more income.

You'll also find that investing in yourself could look somewhat different to the way in which you've previously manifested the energy of money, time, love, space, health, peace and self care. A new feeling of abundance can take on entirely different awareness often presenting itself in so many unique personal gifts just for you. You may have so many new ideas and opportunities that you won't know where to begin.

Likewise where do you not allow yourself to flow because there's something you feel is more important to your wellbeing. It could be as simple as indulging in a new dress, hairstyle, massage, or any other way you secretly want to nurture yourself. Perhaps you dream of spending an entire day reading your favourite new book but find yourself always too busy looking after others.

It's time to grant yourself freedom!

At the end of October we start the cosmic eclipse season, this is like super powered new and full moon cycles. Everyone will feel them differently, will you be resistant or find your flow?

Eclipses tend to speed things up and push you into the direction you should be going. Even if you think you're not ready for it. Break-ups, make-ups, job opportunities, new beginnings, investing in yourself and many sliding door moments could happen. Even if you're in mature or long term relationships you may find yourself falling more in love.

Now of course this eclipse energy brings many ways to finding more success, love, money and opportunities straight to your door. Will you take the cosmic gateway to finally allow life to flow and stop being resistant?

I think the fluid way in which the tide continually turns is one of the best comparisons when it comes to finding flow. Given that each tide is effected by the moon phases, its like the water cascading through a stream, over rocks and through estuaries. Sometimes it looks quiet bumpy and rough while other times its peaceful and calm. Underneath the water small invisible micro-organisms and ecosystems keeping everything healthy and alive you can't see it, yet know it's their keeping everything vibrant and magically afloat.

Despite the outer world's turbulence the universe wants you to know that your ready!

Transform your manifesting rituals into your wildest dreams using the cosmic phases of the moon

The Best Moon Phase for Manifesting (and How to Do It)

The new moon is the best time to manifest what you want as you begin the cycle of the moon’s phases. During the new moon, you can plant the seeds for what you want to manifest. It will likely take time, and by the time the moon reaches its fullest point, you can begin to see the fruition of the seeds you planted start to come to life.

Get a Special Journal

Dedicate a particular journal for writing what you want to manifest. Make sure you select a journal that you will hold in the highest intention. I love using a leather-bound or pretty colourful journals, they hold a mystique to them. They also represent earth energy and make it easier to connect with the earth. If you’re not able to get similar journal simply choose one or create your own unique one, any journal will work.

Cleanse Yourself Ritual

Draw up a bath to cleanse yourself of any energy from the day before beginning your new moon ritual. I love using my favourite luxury bathroom gift set which includes bath soak which is filled with rose essential oil, flower petals and gorgeous buttermilk and coconut powder. You really do feel amazing. During the bath, focus on soothing meditation music or meditate to relax and open yourself to the manifesting ritual.

How to Manifest in the New Moon Phase

Write a list! The new moon phase is the best time to write a list of what you want to manifest. Your list can be your intentions. Alternatively, you can write down affirmations of what you want to manifest. You can also do this manifesting rituals during the eclipse season.

Take some time to set the mood and tone for what you want to manifest. Light a candle and make a special place for you to write while you are creating your list. It is best if you write your list by hand because your energy and intention will go into the list. Writing by hand focuses your mind on what you are trying to manifest and sends the information to the universe to come to reality. I also like writing with coloured pens. It ads another layer for setting your intentions.

3 Ways to Write Your Intentions to Manifest Them

  1. It can be straightforward to write your intentions by starting with, “I desire…

  2. Some people may not want to phrase their intentions in that way. You can also write the intentions in the “I am…

  3. You can also create a numbered list of everything you want to manifest. While it may take time for some of the things you list to come to reality, you can send your intention out during this new moon phase.

  4. I also love beginning with, "I Wonder..."

Here are some examples of each intention:

● I wonder how peace, love and joy can find it's way into my household

● I desire to receive a new bonus in income

● I am receiving wealth and abundance from the universe now

● I welcome love from family and friends in my life now

Create an Altar

After you’ve finished the manifesting ritual, create an altar to place your list under your favorite crystal or orgonite pyramid. Here is a list of crystals you can use to aid in manifesting what you want:

● Rose Quartz - Love, peace, healing, release of trauma

● Clear Quartz - Healing, mindset, release of negative emotions

● Malachite - Finances, money, abundance, wealth

● Turquoise - Healing of trauma, finances, money, wealth

● Lapis Lazuli - Abundance, speaking, clearing of the Throat chakra, leadership, motivation

● Tiger’s Eye - Release of negative energy, abundance, protection

● Amethyst - Protection, psychic abilities, peace, tranquility

I really love to indulge in creating beautiful rituals that allow me to nurture my entire body, mind and spirit. The Twenty2Luxury Pampering Gift box is the ideal way to take your manifesting to a completely different way of feeling aligned with what you want in your life

Happy manifesting your wildest dreams.

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