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A new moon in Scorpio and what it means for you!

This week we're welcoming in a new moon in Scorpio 25/26th October and the start of eclipse season. Astrologically eclipses are an amplification of energies and emotions. Add this together with the scorpio new moon and its like you have a double amplification of you intentions. With most new moons its said that you create new intentions (what you want to experience in your life). However as this new moon is also a partial solar eclipse it will also ask of you for a deep release and letting go of things that are not in flow with your future. Eclipses are also connected to the nodes of the moon and in astrology the North node represents your life path/purpose and the south node represents the past/ child hood memories or past lives. When the new/full moon are in alignment with our north or south node then we are effectively in a reset/rebirth period. Making this the perfect energy for deep transformations. Hold on to your hats as it could get a little rocky in the outer world as well. Its important to stay grounded during this period. You may also likely feel a little slowed down during this period. Intentions that we set during a new/full moon have more significance and are heightened during the eclipse season. Then add the scorpio new moon known as the astrological sign of death/rebirth. This will mean a willingness at an incredibly deep level to allow such an important transformation during this period. This particular eclipse is conjunct Venus, the sun and moon. They are exact 2 degrees in scorpio so the capacity to take what we got last lunar cycle is now amplified. The love you want for the world is an inside job and during this astrological alignment you may likely feel intense feelings of love. These feelings will be asking you what you need to let go of in order to have more love in your life. This comes in all forms not just the physical love, but more like love of self-worthiness, love of empathy for others, love of abundance, love of free will , love of prosperity, love of money, love of family, love of friends love of peace, love of truth. How can you begin to start to behave in and around the intentions you have set? To also set this eclipse season the planet of death and rebirth Pluto and the planet of Mars (energy, action and desire). Mars will take you on a journey helping you make decisions to embody your life from a much deeper richer place. This could feel like a triple whammy with the eclipse and new moon. Mars is also preparing to go retrograde this will effect you in terms of your actions and decision making. This will help you let go of old outdated ways of behaviour and to pickup new ways to match the deep intentions that you set during the new/ full moon eclipse season.

The caterpillar and butterfly are completely different yet one in the same - a metamorphosis must occur for the butterfly to emerge These astrological alignments are asking you to allow the metamorphosis to begin. In order for us to embody our new self we have to let go of everything about the 'me, me, me' and not take things so personally. Mind your thoughts and ask how they can align with your new intentions. Please consider your thoughts before injecting on to others. For example the energy of 'I know better' so I'm going to point this out and that out to you. Even though the person receiving the messages hasn't asked for them. You do you and just keep moving, don't fall into the old ways of rescue or saviour energy. Likewise its important trust in yourself rather than what others may say to you. Step back and look at your thoughts and ask yourself 'what am I unnecessarily dramatising about that which no longer serves me'. What are you resisting the most? Self-care tips for your personal transformation: Stay grounded by using our Body Butter and massaging a figure 8 on the base of your feet. This helps to ground and release built up tension. You can also apply pressure to the ball of your feet to reduce anxiety and stress. Massage in small circular movements. The body butter also contains our signature essential oil scent which is designed to relax and calm your mind. So its great to use just before bed. Around the house in areas of high traffic use the loose leaf smudge to remove old outdated energies. Always smudge your front and back doors. Ask for new energies to come in with how you wish to be treated or for new things to come into your life. Are their odd jobs that have been annoying you? Would like to see completed? By setting your intentions whilst smudging these areas you will more than likely see/feel the difference with in a week or two. Or perhaps even quicker with the eclipses. I also suggest to work with the crystal energy of black obsidian. It is a powerful transformational crystal as well as assisting growth on all levels of your life. Black obsidian shields you from negativity and dissolves emotional blocks and ancient traumas. It encourages you to takes leaps of faith into the new and the unknown. Indulge in our bathroom luxury to encourage new beginnings with ease and grace. If you would like to book an Intuitive kiss secrets reading to help you through this magical and transformational time please email.


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