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10 Amazing Transformational Steps for Spring

Updated: Sep 19, 2022

Can you believe it Springtime already?

Gosh it was only a few weeks ago I was still wearing a beanie and feeling cosy under the blankets watching my favourites shows on Netflix. When the season changes there is a sense of renewal that we can give ourselves, homes and lifestyle actives a well earned makeover.

Since the beginning of September I've been unconsciously cleaning, decluttering and making sure things have a beautiful fresh feel to them. On Sunday I took my mum, daughter, husband and grandchildren to a gorgeous Sunflower farm not far from where we live. We had so much fun walking through the flowers and picking our own.

The flowers are sitting near a window and every morning I notice they are more in bloom radiating joy throughout my house.

Did you know that in myth sunflowers are considering to be naturally grounding offering stability, happiness and joy filled blessings. They are also known for bringing good fortune, luck and positivity to you.

Sunday's adventures are my inspiration for todays 10 Amazing Transformational Steps for Spring

Self Care Tip #1

What better way to start the day than taking a morning walk, whether your at the beach or walking through the native forest. The sounds and aromas always make you feel relaxed.

Self Care Tip #2

Clean our your pantry and look for some amazing new recipes to enjoy. I 'm going to try this lovely recipe from Kim McKosker 4 ingredients Strawberry Chia Pudding. It sounds delicious and easy to make!

Self Care Tip #3

Take yourself to a park or beach and enjoy sitting on the grass reading a book or listening to your favourite podcasts.

Self CareTip #4

Invite your friends or family over for an impromptu lunch. Don't plan it just allow it to happen.

Self Care Tip #5

Start a new hobby. I've recently discovered yin yoga and it's so beautiful and gentle on your body. I feel like I'm in a bliss bubble when I leave.

Self Care Tip #6

Emmerse in the beauty of nature it's a great way to release what is on your mind but also to engage in your 5 senses. Take a moment when walking through trees to simply enjoy the sounds of the forest. What do you see, hear, feel, smell, taste?

Self Care Tip #7

Put your favourite play list on and dance like no one is watching.

Self Care Tip #8

Make your home smell really good. Candles can make your home smell simply delicious we love our Twenty2Luxury thank you for your kindness candle. These aromatherapy candles smell of pure essential oils of bergamot, ylang ylang and cedar wood.

Self Care Tip #9

Smudging your house is these easiest way to remove negative, stale and old energies. This can happen mostly during winter as we often keep doors and windows closed to help warm our homes. Spring is the perfect opportunity to engage in a spring smudging cleanse. The smoking of sage is said to have both antibacterial and antimicrobial. Burning this will assist in purifying your homes energy. Try the Twenty2Luxury loose leaf smudge as it has sage, cedarwood, sandalwood, lavender, witch hazel and rose petals. Designed to cleanse and clear your environment and can be used to set new intentions. (I'll share in another post the many benefits of smudging).

Self Care Tip #10

Schedule ME-TIME it's the most important part to keeping well and healthy. It's essential to find time just for you. Do something that brings joy to your world. Whether thats finding a beautiful journal to write in or having a massage and facial or perhaps taking a weekend away, however you do YOU..... DO YOU!


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